product development


We understand that products developments start at the idea generation stage. We help our clients to validate their concept and convert it into real products. We focus on designing and developing great products which are looking great and also functionally superior to other competitors same product.

Our best design and development team provides the best experience in your products development journey. 

We also develop the product through reverse engineering  to the process of reconstructing an existing object


  • Our team works with a number of specialist software suites, most notably Siemens NX (.Prt), Autodesk Inventor (.ipt), Solidwork (.sldprt) which is a widely used cutting-edge CAD software, often the required platform for many of our clients.
  • We help our clients to implement advanced technological and innovative product development.
  • We understand and employ geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) to drawing definition.
  • We offer product or market research services to understand the product market, material properties, performance data of the products, probable manufacturing cost, etc.
  • We focus on improving the product quality while reducing the manufacturing cost across the complete lifecycle of the product.


  • Product Styling, Ergonomics, Aesthetics
  • Product Research, Competitive products, Benchmarking
  • Material Selection, Product Costing
  • Business and technical feasibility study
  • Planning of manufacturing processes of the product
  • Aims to decrease the physical and mental stress of the users
  • Design for Assembly services
  • Reverse Engineering and Prototype building