One of the most notable advantages of an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser, dispenses you a hygienic sanitizer, touchless, and easy-to-use and reduces the spread of Covid-19, and helps your family or staff to stay safe from germs & infection. If you mount a touchless sanitizer dispensing machine at your strategic place as well as your place of job and invulnerable your place. Easy to fill up with the help of directly pouring sanitizer in from the top.

Specification of Sanitizer Dispenser

Product CharacteristicsSpecifications description
Product NameTouchless Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser
Product CodeMU-ATSD-5.3
Product ColourWhite & Gray
Electrical Input100 V to 230 V AC
Capacity of Sanitizer Tank5.3 Ltr.
Dispensing Qty.2 to 3 ml
Auto-Sensing Distance (range required)200 mm
Sensing Time2 Seconds typical between sensing 3 seconds gap is required
Sensor TypeUltrasonic Sensor
Net Weight6 kg.
Dimensions (mm)330 (L) X 170 (W) X 350 (H)
Total Power Consumption40 W


Sanitizer Dispenser Application